Our mission is to develop leadership skills through youth-led service projects.  We empower students to take their passion and turn it into action to make a difference in the lives of other kids!
Launching Libraries in April.  We need gently used books for all ages ~ board books, youth, teen and adult.  Many drop off points in Fairfield County.
Handled with Care Store~ Drop off gently used woman & girls clothing at Salon Kiklo in New Canaan or BreakThroughFitness in Stamford~ Help us create a dignified shopping experience for girls in need. 

KHK partnered with Grade A ShopRite for the second year to bake hundreds of loaves of pumpkin bread.  The students went  to family and friends sold them everywhere as well as delivered over 355 to local people in need.   All proceeds directly fund KHK youth-led projects that help other kids in need.

Order from a KHK member (at 49 schools)

Buy the breads from KHK volunteers or go to the below partner locations and buy them there. Want to help a family in need? Buy some breads and we will deliver them to a local shelter.  

Want to help us sell the breads?  We would love your help! Contact us


Pumpkin bread ingredients: pumpkin, egg, flour, salt, pumpkin spice, baking power, sugar, milk and vegetable oil.

Thanksgiving Bread Drive 2012 ~ Wednesday, November 14  our bread bake began! We met at 1990 West Main Street in Stamford, CT.  We had 3 shifts from 4-9pm and mixed, baked and wrapped hundreds of loaves of beautifully tasty pumpkin bread.  We sold 1000 loaves and this helped us fund many of our projects for the year!

Thanksgiving Bread Drive 2011  Our youth were able to design a playground at the local homeless shelter by raising $2200.  A big thank you to Lisa O’Gorman, Head of SLS cafeteria, who let us use her kitchen to make and bake the bread!

Thanksgiving Bread Drive 2010 We raised $1100 and this money will be used to help support a literacy program in Norwalk.   We could not have done this without the help of the head chef at St. Luke’s School, in New Canaan who helped us with the entire mixing and baking of these breads into the night on Friday!

Over 15 KHK members got together to mix, measure and bake all these breads. The breads then were sold by the team in New Canaan, Stamford and Ridgefield.

Thanksgiving Bread Drive 2009 A big thank you to all of the friends and neighbors that bought our Thanksgiving pumpkin bread this year.  We raised $1500 and this money will be used to help build a well in South Sudan so that the girls can go to school instead of walking 6 hours a day to get water.   We could not have done this without the help of Steve, the head chef at St. Lukes School, in New Canaan who helped us with the entire mixing and baking of these breads all day Saturday!  All money will be combined with the funds we raise at our Work out for Wells project and be sent to Hope for Ariang.

Thanksgiving Bread Drive 2008 We raised $1,741, which was donated to Horizons Student Enrichment Program.  Over the past 7 years, you have helped raise $6,865 and 100% of this money has gone to numerous charities to help children in this area. Thank you for your incredible support and generosity.