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Our mission is to develop leadership skills through youth-led service projects.  We empower students to take their passion and turn it into action to make a difference in the lives of other kids!
Handled with Care Dress Boutique~ Drop off gently worn women & girls DRESSES  at Salon Kiklo in New Canaan ~ Help us create a dignified shopping experience for girls in need. 

Share Your Shoes Closet

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 Jan. 20th, 2014 from 9am -2pm on Martin Luther King Day

 What a successful event! Over 30 KHK youth volunteers helped set up the closet from and then assisted clients in finding the perfect footwear for those in need at our permanent store!  We found homes for over 3,000 pairs of shoes.

Want to help with our collection? Drop off sites:

Salon Kiklo, 126 Main Street, New Canaan; Athlete’s Source1097 High Ridge Road, Stamford; BreakThru Family Fitness, 48 Union Street, Stamford

Share  your shoes store hoopla  http://hooplaha.com/gifts-from-the-sole/

2012 Share Your Shoes:

Sorting and Tagging:  Sunday, Dec. 2nd1PM-3:30PM, we will sort and tag all donated footwear to prepare it for our one day shoe store benefiting people in need.  We have over 1500 pairs of gently used shoes and sneakers to organize. Address: KHK office, 110 Lenox Avenue, Stamford,CT.  RSVP if you can attend.

Set up the Shoe Store: Thursday, Dec. 6th, 5-8PM Set up the shoes and create a store atmosphere at Inspirica with posters and shoe tables. Address: Inspirica, 141 Franklin Street, Stamford. RSVP if you can attend.

Work the Shoe Store: Friday, Dec. 7th, 3-7PM Create a dignified shopping experience for those in need and help them choose free shoes and sneakers for their familyAddress: Inspirica, 141 Franklin Street, Stamford. RSVP if you can attend.

Check out the outstanding and impactful event that the teens did last year 2011. They had a half day and this is what they did with their time.

2010 Shoe Share at Inpirica


How did this start? We were in New Balance New Canaan buying sneakers. We asked if anyone ever just gave them their old sneakers.  Michael, the manager, said people ask but we don’t have a place to send them.  We told them about Norwalk Emergency Shelter, Person to Person, St. Luke’s Lifeworks and how the always have a shortage of shoes.  We went and bought a container to collect the shoes in the next day and the collection began!  We have collected over 12,500 shoes since June 2009. Thank you to all customers of New Balance of New Canaan that have helped us gather all this footwear for those in need.

Caroline, 17 year old, out to make a difference

From this amazing partnership, grew another project called Share Your Shoes Store. It is now done every December and April. The concept was to create a retail store for one day in an area of great need. The one day store is managed by teens, who are trained to fit the customers properly with gently used footwear. They assist the customers in picking out shoes for the whole family from over 700 pairs of gently used shoes and sneakers that have been collected.  This year, Caroline, a senior at St. Luke’s School in New Canaan, is heading up the store project.  She has also successfully applied for and received a $500 grant to buy new socks to give away with her pair of shoes.  Why is this 17 year old spending her time helping?

“Taking part in this project the past two times has been truly inspiring. The feeling that I have genuinely helped people in need is unbelievable, and there is nothing more gratifying than the sincere smiles that we have received from those who we have helped. The fact that I have an actual ability to make an impact is an imperative part of who I am. In partnership with KHK, I know that we are truly able to make a difference.”

“Go the extra mile.  It’s never crowded.”   ~Author Unknown