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Every Kids Helping Kids project is initiated, managed and led by middle and high school youth. Our members plan, implement and then reflect before during and after each project.
Our mission is to develop leadership skills through youth-led service projects.  We empower students to take their passion and turn it into action to make a difference in the lives of other kids!

Ambassador Leadership Program

Our Kids Helping Kids ambassador program allows students to take their passion and turn it into action to help others.  As they plan, initiate and run the projects they simultaneously develop a multitude of leadership skills: Working with others that have differing views, communicating and initiating ideas, speaking in front of a group, project planning, reflecting and making needed changes, delegating, problem solving, developing empathy, having the confidence to take action and enlisting and enrolling others to help you to highlight a few. Come join us and make an impact on others as well as yourself! DSC_0288

We are thrilled to have you on the team.  Our success is determined by you and we so appreciate all of your energy, spirit and passion!  Our next ambassador meeting is on Sept 18, 2016 from 4-6pm, Trump Parc, 1 Broad Street, Stamford.  We will be discussing all of our upcoming projects and need you there!  We will also have a short workshop on developing your project planning skills and giving you strategies to become a powerful public speaker. Pizza and great ideas as always!


108c609f-6010-4939-9d60-484b7ee60322Interested in starting a new project? Fill out a KHK Project Idea

Every project is youth initiated, managed, and led.  Through this process the students learn the power they have to make an impact in the world and how they can help improve the lives of other children. They learn skills that help them achieve their goals and make sound decisions and by developing leadership and social responsibility in our children, we instill critical knowledge; skills and empathy needed to enable the next generation to flourish. Membership is free and KHK has had over 2,000 kids from 117 schools in our program since 2009.

Want to get involved and become an ambassador? Come to an orientation meeting! Already been to one but now want to become an ambassador? Just email us!


April 17 from 4-6pm, Trump Parc had 65 student ambassadors planning projects for the rest of 2016.

Jan. 31 from 4-6pm, Trump Parc had 48 student ambassadors planning projects for the 2016 first quarter.  Michael Neill, internationally renowned transformative coach and the best- selling author of The Inside-Out Revolution and Radio Host called into our meeting for our Leadership Development segment. Click here for his workshop ~  Click here for Ambassador Meeting 1.31.16Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 6.18.08 PM

Sept. 27, 2015 -Ambassador meeting 4-6pm SAME DAY, 3-4 pm, Pepsi is going to be conducting a fun public speaking workshop right before the ambassador meeting and we want you there!  Please register for this too!  This is open to all middle and high school students so bring your friends and let others know. Pepsi executives are spending their free time doing this so let’s support this collaborative effort to develop your leadership skills! All welcome! Click here for Ambassador Meeting 9.28.15

Past Ambassador Meetings :  Jan Ambassador Meeting , Ambassador Meeting 4.26.15 Looking for middle and high school students who want to make an impact

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 If you are interested, please join us at a monthly orientation meeting to learn more or feel free to contact us!

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